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    Error while redirecting in mvc

    Hi Team,

    i am using VS2012 and when we are login and registering the users in mvc getting below error.

    System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1[System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult] instead of view.
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    Can you share your code.

    I think you are making "async" but, you are not handling the "await "

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    Hi sandip.

    I didn't understand what you mean "when we are login and registering the users in mvc"

    Give more details regarding your issue. so that anyone help you.


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    Below is code
    public async Task<ActionResult> Login(LoginViewModel model, string returnUrl)
    if (!ModelState.IsValid)
    return View(model);

    var result = await SignInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(model.Email, model.Password, model.RememberMe, shouldLockout: false).ConfigureAwait(false);
    switch (result)
    case SignInStatus.Success:
    return RedirectToLocal(returnUrl);
    case SignInStatus.LockedOut:
    return View("Lockout");
    case SignInStatus.RequiresVerification:
    return RedirectToAction("SendCode", new { ReturnUrl = returnUrl, RememberMe = model.RememberMe });
    case SignInStatus.Failure:

    ModelState.AddModelError("", "Invalid login attempt.");
    return View(model);

    when trying to login getting error 'System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1[System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult]' instead of view.
    Same error while registering users.

    public async Task<ActionResult> Register(RegisterViewModel model)
    if (ModelState.IsValid)
    var user = new ApplicationUser { UserName = model.Email, Email = model.Email };
    var result = await UserManager.CreateAsync(user, model.Password);
    if (result.Succeeded)
    await SignInManager.SignInAsync(user, isPersistent:false, rememberBrowser:false);

    return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");

    return View(model);

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