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    Insert query from one table to another table

    I have two table like below
    Table 1
    uid hour
    1 8am
    2 9am
    3 10am
    4 10am
    5 11am
    6 11am
    7 11am

    Table2 --I need a query to insert value from above table like below value.
    h8am h9am h10am h11am 12am..
    1 1 2 3 0
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    Hi Sankar.

    What is your requirement? I didn't get what you are asking about.
    Can you elaborate so that we can provide you the exact query.


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    Sridhar Thota.
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    Following is your required query. Enjoy :)

    INSERT INTO [dbo].[Table_2]
    ( SELECT count(*) as Col1, hour
    FROM [Test11].[dbo].[Table_1] group by hour)

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    What about Table2 columns...?

    For example if Table1 Contains n no of rows under column hours, then how do you insert into Table2.?

    Please elaborate your requirement and share your table structure..

    Hope you got my point...

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