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    How to get just alphanumeric part from string array


    Plz help me to solve this

    i have some strings like this

    Klassic 78X78X5
    Klassic Plus 78X78X6
    Super Deluxe 78X60X6.00

    i just want to get the dimentiosn of this material i.e, 78X78X5 or 78X78X6.00

    how can i take i used string array but i am not geting the appropriate value for all material plzz help me to solve this.. i am using vs 2010 and c#
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    u can split it for space and select the last word.

    eg: string s = "there is a cat";
    // Split string on spaces.
    // ... This will separate all the words.
    string[] words = s.Split(' ');

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    You can try the following code.

    string Test = "Klassic 78X78X5";
    string [] TestArrayL = Test.Split(' ');
    string Diamention = TestArrayL[TestArrayL.Length>0 ? TestArrayL.Length - 1:0] ;

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    You can try this code for array splitting

    string Test = "Klassic 78X78X5";
    string TestArrayL = Test.Split(' ')[1];

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    You can use Split method to separate the string using some object.

    Refer below sample code

    string str="12X3X4";
    string[] strDimensions= str.Split('X');

    In string array it holds all the dimensions, hope this will helpful to you...

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