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    Windows 10 Upgradation from Win 8.1

    While upgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, following error was seen "Windows update can't check for update, because settings on this PC are controlled by your System Administrator.". Read how to deal with the situation and get solution.

    Guys, am trying to upgrade my machine from WINDOWS 8.1 to WINDOWS 10, unfortunately whenever I do try am getting a pop up, saying-

    "Windows update can't check for update, because settings on this PC are controlled by your System Administrator."

    I tried many things, still didn't get the exact solution.
    Kindly, help me regarding this, so that I can look for Updates.

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    Hi Abhishek,

    Sorry to hear that you are facing problem while upgrading your OS.
    As error message said, you must have another account with Administrator privilege and you are trying upgrade from normal user.
    But actual scene might not be that, some of files might be corrupted during the installation or downloading upgrade. I suggest you to download ISO of Windows 10 and upgrade Windows 8.1 by mounting ISO and GUI method.
    Here is a article on how to download Windows 10 ISO from Official Microsoft source.

    Thanks, share your experience.

    Glad to be,
    John Bhatt
    Editor - DNS Forums

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    Hi Abhishek Jaiswal,

    For me the issue is it was not able to install, it downloads but it fails. so finally i reinstalled my Windows8 OperatingSystem, and when it is going to complete it asked to update to windows 10 then i clicked yes then it started to download and i updated it.

    For your case does the windows icon showed in the bottom right side as an agent?

    if it is showed and u have reserved then it will work on your system. try the solution i did above.

    Rayala HariKishore achieved it.

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    Hai Abhishek,
    Did you check the registry of the OS which could have restriction to update the OS.
    You can check the settings for the registry by just going to the below path:
    open registry using RegEdit and then reach to the below settings:
    NoWindowsUpdate (REG_DWORD)
    Change this from 1 to 0.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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    If i'll download an ISO, then it will work for only 90 days. So this option won't work.

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    I already tried that, but still getting the same issue and yes there is an Agent Windows Icon on my taskbar, which was before i reinstalled and still there.


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    Hi Abhishek,

    If you upgrade using GUI method (running setup from Windows 8.1) it will automatically check for product key and will upgrade Windows fully. Have a look at installation note at Windows website.

    "If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, you need to use the Upgrade this PC now option. If you haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet and perform a clean installation, you'll need to enter a product key or buy a license in order to activate Windows 10."

    Quoted Text Source:

    All the Best

    Glad to be,
    John Bhatt
    Editor - DNS Forums

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    Hello Abhishek Jaiswal,

    Go to Registery -->

    NoWindowsUpdate (REG_DWORD) - changed value from 1 to 0 - fixed it.

    Hope this will help you.

    Nirav Lalan
    DNS Gold Member
    "Failure is the path of least persistence"

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    Thank you for your kind suggestion. I'll try to do so asap.

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    yeah i did try to find that option before but there was nothing like that.
    That folder contains only 2* options as


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