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    Converting html template to mvc4

    hai every one,
    i have html templates.i want display that pages in exiciting mvc can do this please help me.
    Thanks and Regards,
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    If you are not using any server side controls,
    If you are using only html contents, Copy the html content into the created view.

    MVC view will accept all the html controls.

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    but i have styles and scripts and font,images also how can repalce it.

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    You can use the same Styles, Scripts, Fonts, Images etc...
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    Hello Sadiq,

    Add the template's html in _Layout page which works as a master page for mvc.

    For content part(which will change for every page) use @RenderBody() in Layout page and use content part html on every view.

    Add Layout page _Layout.cshtml for every view.

    Hope this will help you.

    Nirav Lalan
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    If you need add script means MvcProject->Scripts


    If you need add script means MvcProject->Content

    3. Master Page Means
    If you need change master Page means MvcProject->View-> Shared->_Layout.cshtml

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