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    Regarding How to List out Points - Need to Update.


    In my Panel How to show points depends in my response?
    Some of the Points in my Response zero points so what mistaken me then
    We need to update points wise list

    For ex: Can you provide the list out option Below as
    how many 4,3,2,1,0 points and Best answer in my Response.

    Now i forgot how much response have zero point i did not search them . So I need this provision.
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    According to my understanding, the point structure is mainly depends on the length while posting. then the editors will review the post and change according to quality.

    But how the rank is coming? i saw a bronze member ranks more than silver member.

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    As far I've explored, I can't find a mechanism to filter your responses by Points.

    Coming to 0 (zero) points responses, there might be links only or some technical mistake. If you have posted Links only in a response, we might even assign negative points or delete response. If you have responses that you assume, we've done mistakes while assigning points, please message me or any other forum editor via their profile.

    However, you can check your responses via Contribution tab in your profile or by following below link.

    Replace USERID with your Login name.

    @Arun: Member ranking system is done by CMS itself based on the contribution during the week on Sunday Midnight (expecting lowest traffic). So member level is not factor for defining Rank.

    All the Best.

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    As per my point of initially system allocate points based on your content strength, after that Editors review the thread and if the points are worth-able then they keep as it is, if the post is not helpful to member and the post is not related to question then they reduce the points.

    If you want to filter points based on your points against post that option is not available in our forum, not only here I never seen this option in any forum.

    Hope you understood...

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    Hi Jayakumar.

    Regarding filtering the posts based on points is not possible in DNS.

    Where as regarding your response which got assigned 0 points, I think it would have given 2 points at least even you post links.

    Since we just help people over here to share knowledge, for which we get points as encouragement. But it should not discourage by giving 0 points.


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    Hai Jaya Kumar,
    If you post the answers as the links to other website, the traffic will not get increased to our website as the people will check other website so the revenue will not be generated.
    Hence if you provide the answers without the link or provide the links of our website, the traffic will be more and then revenue generated will be more and you will get more points.
    Hope it will make some sense to your question.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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