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    How much percentage required in software field

    percentage is required for getting job and how much percentage will be but i have 58.67 pecentage in
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    For Big Firms like tcs, wipro, they are asking for 60% in entire academics. CTS is asking 50%.
    There are companies asking for 70% also.

    But there are n number of start ups, middle level companies that wont look for percentage. they want people with some degree. and some knowledge in a the area u are specilizing like, coding or testing etc. Only thing is they wont give salary like big companies.. some companies are giving 5000 for their employers... where ever you are getting, learn things and jump :)....
    Only thing to remind is that try to get some job in an year of passing, that is befor the next batch come

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    Write only known things in your resume. try to learn good communication skills as you are marketing yourself in good price.
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    Hi Srikanth.

    If you want to apply for level 5 companies they will ask for percentage 70+.

    For normal companies they will filter the resumes having minimum 60+ percentage.

    There are very less companies who will allow the candidates having less than 60%.

    I suggest you to do M.Tech and achieve 65+ or 70+ percentage then you can get more opportunities as M.Tech fresher.


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    As you are a fresher all companies are looking your percentages, once you got some experience few companies only looking percentage. Minimum they are expecting 60%, that is mandatory for Top most MNC's like TCS, Tech Mahindra....

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    1. can i know which location you are into
    2. if you finalize your field of interest, attend some courses which may help you gain knowledge and some institutions provide placements also.
    3. Various fields are programming (.net. java, php, android, etc), testing, dba, designers, marketing, etc.

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