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    This technology is new to me

    I am new to .net technologies. Can you suggest me how do i start my journey with .net?
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    new to .net technologies means

    You can learn new technologies follow as

    MVC Framework Patteren ,
    Jquery - Script,
    Sharepoint - Content Management,
    Bootstrap - Responsive Layout,
    Web Api,Angular - Javascript Frame work
    MVVM Pattern
    WPF,WCF - Service

    Visual Studio also grow following version

    VS 2012,2013,2015

    Sql server 2008 R2,2012,2014

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    Hello Tanuja,

    To work on .NET Technology, You should learn C# very first. After learning C# properly you can work on ADO.NET which is called windows forms application and Console Application is like command prompt.

    Then you can move on Windows Presentation Foundation which is also called as WPF. Then start working on ASP.NET. It's for Web Site, Web Application development.

    Then you can move on Windows Communication Foundation also called as WCF. Then you can move on to Web Services for Web Applications.

    Hope you understand.

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    1. Learn C# and OOPS using Console application
    2. Learn Windows application and controls
    3. Learn
    4. WCF

    Once you learn above three, then decide you are going for Web/Win

    If you choose Win
    Lean WPF
    else if Web
    Lean MVC

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    Thinking that you are a programmer, first do some basic c# programming. then slightly grow up. once you are familier with the syntxes and the editor, you can go with programming.

    .Net is a vast ocean. try to learn step by step and be specific like Windows/Web site/ Webservice/Mobile development /WCF/WPf....

    Dont get afraid :) there are many similarities in coding but each differ by little.

    Happy Coding

    Do Good... Enjoy your life.....

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    As a beginner of .net technologies you should learn below things.

    1.OOPs concepts
    2.Abstract class and interface.
    3.Exception handling using try catch blocks.
    4.Array, arraylist, generics and delegates.
    5.Constructor and destructor

    1.Page life cycle with all phases.
    2.State management
    -Client side state management
    -Server side state management
    3.Validation controls in
    4.Creating user controls and custom controls.
    5.Master page and content page.


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    Install Visual Studio whatever software you have and Install SQL Server for Database and do practice on daily using all controls available in Toolbox, and prepare small small projects using those controls, if you got any error try to resolve it by your own rather than waiting for others help.

    If possible choose one best institute and gain basic knowledge from the trainers.

    All the best...

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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