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    How to have a custom value option other than the pre defined ones in Master data selection

    Hi All,

    I have requirement wherein user is provided with multiple radio buttons / check boxes from which user will do selection. There is an extra textbox provided labelled as other: [____________] .

    I have master table called Qualification from which the Ratio buttons will be populated. Further have Candidate table in which the selected radio button value will go in Qualification column. I don't know how to implement the extra option in master table 'Qualification' and operations table that i.e. 'Candidate'.

    Please direct if have posted question in a wrong section.

    One of the inputs i received was

    You can add another column to your Candidate table then modify any select statements you have to also check for that value. Alternatively you can add the value of Other to the Qualification table, then add the value to Candidate as normal.

    Kindly suggest whether this option is OK or there is better alternative.
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    Hello Shoab Shah,

    You posted the thread in SQL Server category which should be in .NET.

    By the you are developing Windows Application or Web Application. Please describe everything properly for good and faster results.

    Hope you understand.

    Nirav Lalan
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