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    How to fetch record related to month and day

    actually i want to make slide show with images related to sysdate but when entering birtday dates they are in dates 0f 2-06-1984,86---------------so on but these images will not slide but when i am inserting birthday dates related in year 2015 they are working how to clear this problemi want to retrieve old imagesalso
    my database fields are ID,ImageName,CurrentDate,OldImagePath,newimagepath and Curentdate contains column date
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    Hello Velidiraviram,

    You have also asked the same question in another thread in below link :

    So i suggest you to please continue with that thread only. Describe your question more deeply in that thread only. Don't post the another thread for same question. By doing this you are creating spam on DNS.

    It affects DNS for revenue and affects us also while responding or resolving your queries.

    Hope you understand.

    Nirav Lalan
    DNS Gold Member
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