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    After 4 years gap where to start our learning.


    I have 6yrs in exp in dot net. But now 4 years gap due to maternity. Now again i want to start my career.

    In my experience I have only worked up to dot net 2.0.

    After that so many versions r available now. So now should I need to learn versions like 3.0,3.5 or directly I can learn only 4.5,4.0.

    My experience fully into web development.

    Thanks in advance.
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    --You can Learn easily Latest version 4.0 and 4.5 now Vs 2012,2013,2015 growing still now.
    --no issue versions differenet concept and controls discovering so you can learn easily
    -- DNS is good platform for dotnet learners and beginers if you have any questions
    --Related software you can post them participants reply and solved your issue then
    --you can find some body post question you can see them and learn new things.
    --you can learn article also in out Website. then you need learn technology then
    --if you need stay in your concern means you have learn (MVC,WCF,JQUERY,Sharepoint) new techlogies
    --Gap no issue learn new things prove your techlogy and confident level.
    --if you have any questions depends on dotnet post here think and do your programs

    --for free tutorials
    --You can go through below links

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    As you have already 6 years experience earlier on .net, its not that difficult to get in to the IT industry.

    Definitely you need to learn 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 features as now a days people are looking for latest frameworks.

    Dot net framework 3.0 / 3.5 features:
    Auto Implemented
    Implicit Typed local variable
    Implicitly Typed Arrays
    Anonymous Types
    Extension Methods
    Object and Collection Initializers
    Lambda Expressions

    Go through below article links for 4.0/4.5 which explains each feature in detail.


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    Hello Mercy,

    You can refer the below links for New features of .NET Framework 3.5 :

    New Features of .NET Framework 4.5 :

    Async and await
    Zip facility (Zip compression)
    Regex timeout (TimeOut)
    Profile optimization (Improved startup performance)
    Garbage collector (GC background cleanup)

    Default culture to App Domain :

    CultureInfo cul = new CultureInfo(strCulture);
    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = cul;
    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = cul;

    Array support more than two gigabyte size.
    Unicode support for console

    You can refer the below links of MSDN Library :

    Hope this will help you.

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    As you said you are mostly into web development, try to learn mvc. and wcf as those are the trends now.
    with that you can learn javascript and jquery too which will make you more reachable

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    Hi Mercy,

    My suggestion is better to adopt new technologies which are available in present market. As per my point of view SharePoint is the best option, if you are really interested it's take sometime to adopt that but having bright future in current market. If you don't have time to spend, 2nd option is MVC. If you are good in .net you can easily adopt that technology. Prepare 3 to 4 projects in your home and prepare few concepts by reading books / internet and be confident before going interviews that's enough.

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