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    Preparation for the Interview


    I am Rohini.I have 2+ years of experience on .net in a scale company.Now i am in search of a job change.I have experience Asp.Net,C#.Net and Sql Server 2008.As we have used only those technologies in our project.But now when i get a call from the interviewer they are asking for experience on MVC or WCF is must.I have knowledge on MVC and WCF but i don't have any experience on them.As we didn't use them in our project. Now i am planning to develop a online shopping cart application using mvc by my own.
    Can anyone please guide me how to develop the online shopping cart application and what are the things i has follow in it, to get a real time experience.And also guide me how to prepare for the interview.

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    -You can learn following topics

    --ASP.NET & C#.NET::
    --First You need learn must Basic concepts

    --1.OOPS - Concept.
    --2.State management(ViewState,Session,Cookie)

    --3.Page Redirection

    --4.How to Pass Query String one page to another page
    --Solution:Response.Redirect("Test.aspx?id=" + Empid);

    --5.How to make master page and content page
    --6.How to Retrieve value from Database
    --(Collection of Datatable)
    ---(Collection of Records)
    --10.Validation controls(Client and Server Side) in
    --11.if, for statemnt ,Gridview with CRUD Operations
    --12. Regarding Explain your project
    --13.Html,Css Implemented Aspx Page(Basic)
    --14.How to Refer DLL Existing Project
    --15.Ajax Concept
    --16.Paritial Post with Update Panel

    --Sql server:
    --1.How to Create Table
    --2.Alter table Field using Query
    --3.Joins type with example
    --4.Creating stored procedure
    --5.primary key, foreign key
    --6.learn normalization concept
    --7.How to insert records to db using sql query
    --8.How to insert records to db without insert query
    --9.Date wise Query
    --10.Aggregate Function
    --11.Difference between Function and Stored Procedure
    --12.Insert,update,Delete Query in sql
    --13.Back and restore Query
    --14.Select query different Approcah
    --15.First Highest salary and n highest salary

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    You can go through Below link,Asp-Net,jquery,sql-serv.aspx

    Hope it will be helpful to you

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    'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.

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    Hi Rohini.

    As you are having 2+ years experience its more than enough what you had right now, i.e.,, and sql server.

    The candidate with 2+ experience can get good opportunities with those. But you had knowledge on wcf and mvc its added advantage.

    There are many organizations who ask mvc and wcf even for 1+ year experience, since now a days many companies are using mvc and wcf in their projects.

    So my advice is to join the new company which is having projects on mvc, then as you are 2+ experience you will be treated as fresher.

    Start learning with little hard work then you can be good enough in team and organization as well.


    Sridhar Thota.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    Coming to your interview preparation you should be aware of the following topics.

    1.Page life cycle with all phases.
    2.State management
    -Client side state management
    -Server side state management
    3.Validation controls in
    4.Creating user controls and custom controls.
    5.Master page and content page.

    1.OOPs concepts
    2.Abstract class and interface.
    3.Exception handling using try catch blocks.
    4.Array, arraylist, generics and delegates.
    5.Constructor and destructor.


    Sridhar Thota.
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    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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