Points to remember while posting responses in forum

In this article, we will discuss important points to remember while posting responses to DNS forums section. We will discuss important points helpful for new members who are intended to post responses for questions asked in the forum.

Important points to remember while posting responses to DNS forums section. Which are helpful for new members.

When to respond for a question?

If you are familiar with the solution or logic about the question asked in forum, then post the appropriate answer.

Who can answer?

If you are a registered member of dotnetspider then you can post answers in the forum section.
Irrespective of member level i.e., even your level is bronze you can answer if you know perfect answer.

How to write answer?

Post the relevant answer for a question asked with good English and grammar.
If you think a code snippet can reflect answer then post the piece of code along with description.

Can we post links as answer?

It depends on the question asked by the members.
If the answer for a question is having so much to explain, then provide few lines of answer and then give a link for reference below of your answer.

Can we copy answer from other websites?

Its not a good practice to copy answers from others website. If you feel other website content best suits then provide that link if necessary.

Few things which should not be done.

1.Don't post irrelevant answer for a thread.
2.Don't copy answer or a part of answer from others response.
3.Don't post links as answer, unnecessarily.
4.Don't copy and paste answers from other websites.
5.Don't use forum footer having four to five lines.