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    Matrimonila database structure

    Hi friends

    Any body have database structure of matrimonial website.....e..I have to develop matrimonial site but i m not able to finailise the database structure......
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    can you explian more . what is your requirement then we can design the table. Once confirm your requirement and share with us then only we can do proper table Design. I mention rough(sample) table design

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    Can u please explain clearly. Because, if you table structure or Database. Database not an important than table. May be you need to have all the table structure related to Matrimonial Database. Isn't it?

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    You can not do your project by getting the some "matrimonial" database. The database will be depending on your requirement. Database is the starting step but first you have to conform the requirement. One you conform, you
    split it in to modules. Each module you have to identify the objects involved on that. Once you identify the completed objects. Find the properties of the each objects. Now your DB design is almost over. Now work on the relationship between the objects.
    Now you can create database on tables and fields and relationship. This is completely your DB design. Now why you want the DB from others?

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    There are several ways to define a Database structure of a Matrimonial Website with First normal form , second normal form and Back normal form BCNF in order to reduce the redundancy columns we use normalization now it is not possible to tell here because your requirement is not known to me.

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