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    Reverse the Words and Letter in Sentence using C# Programming

    namespace Reverse_Sentences
    class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)

    string word;
    Console.Write("Enter Your Sentence:");
    word = Console.ReadLine();
    string[] splstring = word.Split(' ');
    for (int i = splstring.Length - 1; i >= 0; i--)
    Console.Write(splstring[i] + ' ');

    for (int i = splstring.Length - 1; i >= 0; i--)

    char[] splchar = splstring[i].ToCharArray();
    for (int j = splchar.Length - 1; j >= 0; j--)
    Console.Write(' ');

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    This is Forum section. can you post this code section
    or improve more than elaborate explanation to post the article section post your stuff coding there DNS Editors give the points depends on your post.

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    Hai Vignesh,
    This is not the right place for this post. If you want to share something, you need to post it to the Article section.
    it just need 2 lines of code to reverse a string in C#(using inbuilt function):

    char[] cArr = yourString.ToCharArray();
    Anyway this post will not be accepted as it is quite simple. You need to come-up with some good articles and post them.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi Vignesh.

    In DNS forum section is to post any questions and doubts related to Microsoft Technologies which you overcome while working on it.

    Members will post the responses to solve your query.

    If have a good content which you want to share with other members, then you can post as a fine resource under article section.


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