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    Which i choose Business or Employeement

    Dear Friends
    i have been worked in a private software company on the .net technologies as a senior programmer, since 2009.i have developed a product "UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" that means total aspects developed by is successfully intalled 2 universitys.

    Environment : VB 6.0, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Sql Server 2008 and crystal reports

    Modules : Pre-Admission , Admissions, Academic, Examination, Library,Hostel,Placement,Transportation, accounting,Inventory, Student Web Portal,Payroll management

    This UMS product Supports autonomous, deemed, affiliated and group institution processes

    Product Features:
    1)Smart Card and Biometrics based access
    2)Secure role based access – control who should see what information
    3)Rich feature set of modules covering – Admissions, Fees, Academics, Examinations, Library, Hostel, HRMS and Payroll to name a few
    4)Dynamic report dashboard – easily create or view different reports
    5)Provides automation of everyday functionalities like – Timetable, Attendance, Book Issue / Return, Dues Collection etc.
    6)Provides the Principal and Management more control over the operations of all the processes in the campus and facilitates better informed decisions
    Students & Staff can view their personal, financial and academic information using the smart card within the campus
    7)Facilitates the academic departments to configure the academic calendar and lesson plan that helps them monitor academic progress during the entire term
    Easily configurable to comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by the affiliated university regarding

    I am in confusion my carrier,it is possible to do business with this product ? or searching for new job.please give a suggestion for me.
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    Hi Sathish.

    You have developed good product with all functionalities you implemented report's as well.
    And your product is successfully working in two universities.

    The thing is that we don't know what comes in future to replace your product any advancement.

    If you want to do business it should have many people to work with you.
    The areas where you can implement your product in other sectors like

    Medical software.
    School management.
    University management.
    Super market billing software.

    You need to have people who do marketing for your product by explaining the features you provide in your product.
    Finding the clients is the major requirement to start a business.

    According to me as you had 5+ years of experience in IT industry, work for more 3 or 4 years and try to establish foundation for your business in money, maintenance, man power, partners and in all aspects.

    Then you think of it and take step a head.
    All the best for your future.


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    I have excellent Business idea for you when i was working in Biometric devices for a Company the company business is all about installing the Biometric Devices which he buyed from other Companies what he does his he prepared his own software and exe to extract the Data from the biometric devices and he used to sell card printers and another thing is he used to print id card printers for his Customers daily he had 400 -500 customers who wants to Print Id cards he will give a tag and print the company name on the tag and with a less investment Business.

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    it is not a single cup of tea to doing own business with this product. There are lot of things you need to think before you going to open new company.
    here are some tips for it
    1. Develop programming expertise (That you already have)
    2. Work for a software company in a management capacity
    3. Generate a product idea. (company can not run with onlt one product OR the product should be strong enough like Facebook, WhatsApp)
    4. Raise funds for your software company (VERY imp point in business foundation)
    With all above points I think you should go for another company for couple of years and then start rethink again with above points

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    Hello Satish,

    You have done very good job even after 6 years you gave good experience and best knowledge to utilize it somewhere, where it will help you to grow your self.

    You have developed "UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" with all functionalities you mentioned in modules is an awesome.
    And your product is successfully working in two universities, that is great.

    If you have man power and capital than i suggest you to establish your company, because of that employment will be generated and you also do work with the knowledge you have, so with the help of that you can grow your self and it will be helpful for others also.

    I suggest you to go for business if you are confident.

    All the best for your future.

    Nirav Lalan
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