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    Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

    I am having 8 + Years exp. I need Leadership Interview Questions and Answers
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    Hi Kali Raj.

    Refer below link which has top 50 questions asked in Leadership interview.

    Refer below links for more details.


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    Hello Kali Raj,

    Refer the below links for your reference:

    Hope this will help you.
    Mark the answer if it helped you.

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    8 + Years exp in IT is really a big deal, industry will see you as a good team leader/Jr manager, you need to have more skill your hand to show to interviewer.
    Here are the skill set that you need
    - Working capacity – Working hours are very long at Accenture, you need to be a person who can work hard without burning out.
    - Motivation – You should be the type of person who reach for high goals.
    - Interpersonal skills – Teamwork, leadership potential, and persuasion.
    - Analytical abilities – Logical thinking in general and MS Excel knowledge are skills-to-pay-the-bills at Accenture.
    - Writing skills – While you don't need to have the oral presentation skills of Eddie Murphy or Jim Carrey, writing skills are a plus, for all those reports that need to be written.

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