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    Switch to MVC or continue Windows App Development.

    I am working as windows app developer in a company with almost one year experience. I have got better command at it now but as I see everywhere more future scope in Android, IPhone and MVC I think about switching to MVC as it is part of microsoft technologies. Is it a good move or should I continue in Windows App Development? Please advise me.
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    Hi Rohit Kumar.

    As you got only one year of experience as a Windows app developer and you are saying you got good command over it.

    So why dont you work for more one or two years meanwhile you learn new technologies by being the same windows app developer, then you think of new technology.

    Later on you can think of it. According to me get more and more command in the profession what you are in now, instead of shifting to new technology.


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    Hi Rohit Kumar,

    As you said you have one year experience as Windows App Developer and you have got good command over it. That is very good.

    I suggest you to work more on Windows App Development because of more than MVC there is scope for Windows App Development as in future there will be demand for mobile apps.

    If you are doing both simultaneously than it will be very good for you.

    Still you think on it and than take decision that you want to be stay here or you want to move to MVC.

    Hope this will help you.

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    There comes many time in life where we think on some decision due to the outer conditions, but Future of Windows App Development is really a bright one, MS is now shifting to cloudbased (Windows Azure) and surely it is purely app based, As far as India concern there is very little development in windows app field and you are the one of the rare developer of Windows app, I think you should enhance your career as Windows App Developer.
    Now a days Microsoft introduced WebApi which is really good and cool which support from Desktop to Tab and smart phone you may learn that so that you can use it for Windows App and for desktop development too.
    Best luck for future steps

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