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    Oracle data change notification

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a requirement to watch oracle database continuously and get notification as soon as changes happens in the database , Collect changed data ,create excel/cvs/xml file and dump in some folder. These files will be moved to other server using SFTP.
    Some of these data will be converted into jason format and sent to cloud in the message format.

    I am very new to oracle .
    I am not sure which feature of oracle is best fit for above situation.

    I am thinking "continues query change notification" will help but not sure .

    Please suggest.
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    Hello Mahima,

    Refer the link for Oracle database change notifications for Admins, Users.
    How to register it and How to deregister it with examples.

    Hope it will help you.

    Nirav Lalan
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    Thanks Nirav .
    Is there any other method to get notification

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    Recently I have implemented oracle database change notification in my application so whenever the data in the specified table is updated, the application is notified and it takes the required action by updating the cached database data and update the ui with this new data.
    Miss. Jain
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    Thanks Priya.

    There will be more than 500 users who hits the oracle database frequently . As soon as data changes I need to pull it and send to azure messaging queue.

    Do you thing database change notification or Query result change notification will help?

    What will be the load on the server ?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I think you can use a service for this with a single Service You can update all the Users with that service on a regular time interval basis....

    or if you Just want to know whether the Table has a new entry Make One Column New Modified with Datetime...


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    Hi Mahima,

    You can Use Msmq for this whenever a row in a table gets Updated sent to the Msmq with record added date and time or even you can use flat files and xml files too ....
    read the Msmq or read the flat file or xml files for every user in your code and check whether the table has been Updated

    For Msmq read my articles....

    This is Theoretical Explanation

    and its a Practical Explanation


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