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    Why mba after B.Tech IT?

    After B.TECH IT i did MBA (IT and HR).Presently i have 4+ yrs exp. in IT(development/maintenance and QA) .. when i started this course i was suggested it will be benificial for growth in IT as well as
    if i wish to change to HR later(wen i am 35+ something or otherwise ;) )..presently i wish to continue in IT.. now when i have already
    done i see that job market considers mba as a mere hr with IT looks like a distraction..
    I have followig questions:
    1. when applying for IT jobs should i mention mba(IT and HR) on my resume?
    if yes what to answer for these questions:
    a. why u did mba
    b. why you choose HR specialization with IT
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    Yes if MBA in IT after B.Tech is benefit in job. Because if you have MBA in IT that will be helpful in basically management area in IT field.

    But MBA with HR after B.Tech is not benefit for IT working guy anyway.

    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    Hi Sp

    B tech is use for technology side after IT people go for MBA to get a HR opening in IT that is the reason .

    With regards

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    Straight a way you can say following things:
    1.To improve the "high level of communication with higher personals" after getting in to job I thought it would be an added advantage.

    2.I learnt many things after getting in to HR side which I was not aware before.

    3.Now I feel comfortable discussing with team members, managers, team leads and clients as well.

    you can say them as you got interest of doing MBA and thus did parallely with open exam.

    However you are not depending totally on the point of MBA which you kept in your resume, since you got real time experience meanwhile.

    Just it will help you as you grow up in the positions in the industry as a MBA post graduate.


    Sridhar Thota.
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    You haven't really lost..

    Sridhar Thota.
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