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    How to Migrating SQL Server ANYDATA type to Oracle 11g

    I want to migrate varchar max data type value into oracle 11g.

    I have a data like ...


    create table xyz(
    name varchar(max) ................);
    like i have number of columns in my database(sql server).

    now my xyz table contains 10k records. i want to convert this table into oracle 11g
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    Oracle doesn't have a VARCHAR(MAX) datatype, so you need to go for VARCHAR2, Varchars are limited to 4000 characters in Oracle. Other than that, you have to use a LONG or a CLOB. Prefer CLOBs. LONGs are the older equivalent, Maximum size for CLOB is : (4 GB - 1) * DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter (8 TB to 128 TB). for more information you can see different oracle datatypes on following address

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