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    How to Update an existing winform appliaction setup and its database

    Are you looking for a way to Update an existing winform appliaction setup and its database ? then read this thread to know more about it

    I have a windows forms application written in VS.NET 2010 with sql server. This application is installed on my system. Now i want to update some features in this setup means add some functionality. and make some changes in db (mdf) file also. how can i do this .

    just like version updated.
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    The setup project has the facility to update your application, The setup projects contain a property 'RemovePreviousVersion', which will remove a previous version if the versioning of your setup is correct and the GUID of the application stays the same.
    you can use clickonce deployment, You can deploy to the web and when ever your users start the application it will check for updates and automatically update the application if there is a new version available
    It can also be configured not to update automatically but only to notify the user that there is a new version available and allow the user to control the update process.
    check following links

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    When i Create setup of my application there is an properties remove existing version . This is replace existing version of my application but it also replace database file. How i handle this problem. I have also changes in database.(like add some tables, procedures etc).

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    Better option is make all the necessary change and create the set up again. Are you facing any issues while creating the set up again?

    Asheej T K

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    Dear Asheej,
    The main issue is DataBase. If i create new exe then what about data of client. Client not give me the database file .

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