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    Issue with Merge in SQL Server

    How to Solve below issue

    The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once. This happens when a target row matches more than one source row. A MERGE statement cannot UPDATE/DELETE the same row of the target table multiple times. Refine the ON clause to ensure a target row matches at most one source row, or use the GROUP BY clause to group the source rows. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 8672).
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    This is a known bug in SQL 2008 you may have to install Cumulative update package 6 for SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1

    Here you go for the complete information:

    Asheej T K

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    This is well know issue in microsoft sql server and already microsoft given solution for that just check support of microsoft here

    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    The reason for this error is source contains duplicate for a row in target matches to all the duplicates in source. Its better to avoid duplicates in source and target.

    The solution for this problem is to make sure source doesn't contain any duplicate rows.

    Note: it doesn't fail if you have duplicate rows in target

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