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    Gap between education and career

    Hi Guys,

    I have a doubt in career. I had completed my MCA in 2009 April.
    And with a small company I started career in 2011 June.
    I left the job there at 2011 Dec and joined a company on 2012 jan.
    Now I am working here since 3 years.
    I want to know is there any problem When I am attending interviews in MNC like Inforsys,TCS, Wipro etc, since I have more than 2 years gap between my MCA and first job?
    Please help me? I am very much confused

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    Actually the gap is problem in interviewer's mind at first time. But you should explain the some valid reason about that the gap so interviewer will be consider that in positive way.
    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    If you say some valid reason in that case that won't be play key role while attend the interviews in Top MNC's, forgot about your career gap and attend the interview with confidence.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    As per my experience the person who takes your technical interview (excluding exceptions) is least bothered with your education/work gaps in career. So if your tech interview goes well and your employer really needs your skill set they will definitely hire you.

    But yes during your hr interview ,the HR will surely ask for an explanation,so be prepared to give a good and convincing one.


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    Hi vickey.

    Definitely there are some MNC's who wont consider the people having gap in between education and career.

    You can give reasons only when you are called for the interview right.

    But they will mention clearly
    "No gaps in education"
    "No gaps in education and career"
    while applying for job itself.

    If they wont mention while applying then you can expect question on gap in HR discussion.

    At that point give perfect reasons behind your gap to satisfy them.


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    Sridhar Thota.
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    Actually there is no problem of your 2 years gap. But if interviewer ask reason of this gap then you should have to give a valid reason with the confidence in you saying. The Confidence in your voice helps you from this question and interviewer will be consider that gap in positive way. For your need if you are career oriented and you want to know your self then take our career aptitude test form which also helps you to build your confidence.

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    i think u can take upto two years gap for big mnc s like tcs, cts, wipro etc. usually it will be there in their ad
    Do Good... Enjoy your life.....

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    It depends on the job criteria at that particular time.

    But i have seen certain TCS and infosys ad wherein they specifically mention that there shouldnot be a career gap of more than 1 year.

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