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    How to Synchronize data between databases

    Are you looking for a way to Synchronize data between databases ? then read this thread to know how to sync it

    Hi experts,
    in my application i have to manage 3 databases in different locations. One DB is primary and the other two are secondary. Primary DB located in head office and secondary DB's located in branch offices. branch operator insert data in their local DB (secondary). I have to synchronize data with primary DB when the network connection available or when they want to synchronize. How can i do that?
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    There are multiple ways to sync the database,
    1. Create an executeable which will take the difference from one database and update another.
    2. SQL database server has inbuilt synchronization facility,
    1.To execute synchronization, you need to start with creating a SyncOrchestrator object and setting synchronization options such as LocalProvider, RemoteProvider, and Direction on the object.
    for more information check following link

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    Kindly go through the following mentioned links. It may help you to synchronize the data between differenr DB.



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