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    How to validate date in char datatype ?

    Are you looking for a way to validate date in char datatype ? then read this thread to know how to validate it

    I have "from date" datatype in my table as char(10). In this case how can i get the rows which has "from date" >= 12/15/2014. Please give me the query

    Thanks in advance
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    In this case you need to use convert function to convert the char datatype to the data type and then perform the required filtering in the where clause as shown below:

    select convert(date,fromdate) from tablename
    where convert(date,fromdate) > convert(date,'12/15/2014')

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    You can use this Following URL for Validate date in Char datatype

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    I have seen many times developers use varchar or char datatype for string datetime and then they cant be able to filter dates, Basically for date operation you should use DateTime datatype only.
    With the help of SQL CONVERT method you need to convert it to date
    see below snippet

    Select CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),col1,101) from database1

    it will convert your char to date in MM/dd/yyyy format

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    Please check this below sample working code for char to date time

    declare @c char(14)
    select @c='20141231122025'

    Select Cast(Substring(@c,1,8) + ' ' + Substring(@c,9,2)+':'+ Substring(@c,11,2)+':'+ Substring(@c,13,2) as DateTime)

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    better u have to convert datetime into character, whatever datetime value u entered..


    string date = "01/08/2008";
    DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime(date);

    then in sql :

    u have to convert the datetime to varchar using convert function like
    SELECT convert(varchar(30), '10/23/2016', 101)


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    Hai Kumaresh,
    While comparison for the date, make the conversion at the both side and then do it.
    Both side of the comparison operator, the type should be same and then only you can compare the dates.
    Below is an example which can be used for the date comparison:

    Select * fro <table_name>
    Where CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),FromDate,101) >= CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),'12/15/2014;,101)

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    I ran this:
    Select top 10 from_date from table
    where CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),from_date,101)>=convert(VARCHAR(10),'12/20/2014',101).
    The output returned reocords of 2006, 2008, 2009.

    Please suggest

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    You can go through this code

    Select * from table11

    Select top 10 from_date from table11
    where CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),from_date,103)>=convert(VARCHAR(10),'12/20/2014',101)

    --Create Table table11
    --from_date date

    --Insert into table11 values('10/20/2014')

    also refer this date Format

    Select CONVERT(varchar(12),GetDate(),101)
    Select CONVERT(varchar(12),GetDate(),102)
    Select CONVERT(varchar(12),GetDate(),103)
    Select CONVERT(varchar(12),GetDate(),104)
    Select CONVERT(varchar(12),GetDate(),105)
    Select CONVERT(varchar(12),GetDate(),106)
    Select CONVERT(varchar(12),GetDate(),107)

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