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    How to resolve "Error writing MIME multipart body part to output stream." this error

    Are you looking for a way to resolve error "writing MIME multipart body part to output stream" ? then read this thread to know how to resolve it


    I have develop a sync API .
    but i face a issue is this "Error writing MIME multipart body part to output stream."
    How to resolve it .
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    When you are getting this exception. Please provide complete details about the issue and also when exactly this error is throwing. Without complete details it is hard suggest anything.

    There are many reasons for this error. If you are doing the file upload process then please make sure you have the sufficient rights to write the files into the output folder and also the size of the file is not too large.

    If you can provide the complete details and also the source code where you are getting this error we will be able to help you.

    Asheej T K

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    One option to fix this issue may be checking htat where the output is written, I mean the folder has the required permission.

    Since the error is while Writing please check the code where you are writing.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    Make sure the virtual directory ("~/uploads" directory as below example) where the image files are first uploaded are physically existance.

    string uploadPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/uploads");

    MyStreamProvider streamProvider = new MyStreamProvider(uploadPath);

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