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    Design for Web Service who will work on client side and validate all controls

    I want to Design a Web Service who will work on client side and validate all controls.

    Something which can be called through JQuery or Any other client side framework and logic is there would be a backend where FormName, ErrorMessage and Validation (similar) will be stored details of what all validation required and then based on few input parameters it will execute all validation at client side itself and show error messages.

    Form1 Name Not blank corres logic (which is very easy to mention as reqd)
    Form1 Parameter 1 and Parameter 2 not null logic for the same (How to tackle this sort of)

    similarly other records.

    Now questions is on what basis it will be called and check and then return the result to show error messages.

    Any help will be really appreciated, thanks.

    Note: I would not be using any inbuilt validation controls to do that.
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    you can perform exception handling in the webservice and send this exception details to the client or catch it in client application. you can catch and display custom message to the user about the error details.
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    This is not about exception handing or error handling of web services. But this is for creating a simple framework for specific requirement - that will be used to handle validation errors (Validation errors for which we use validation controls).

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