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    MKCL stage 2 H/W & N/W

    can any one help me regarding h/w n/w hand on test of mkcl?
    any experience person please? what questions will be asked ?
    only 90 mins? enough?
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    You can get all the details on the MKCL site below-

    Here all the details about the test and their syllabus is given. Please go through it.

    Ashutosh Jha

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    thanx. bt what ques do they ask in h/w n/w. what softwares or problems do we need to practice?. are you working there? hw was your interview?

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    Hi Nupoor,

    Some of the questions you can find at-

    FInd the list of question in the below PDF-

    Also get other papers at the below site-

    Ashutosh Jha

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    Hi nupoor , I am also in same situation like you ,actully i have also been shortlisted for stage 2,h/w nd n/w and I guess they may ask for basics .like computer assembling..setting up n/w or small lan may be ...if you have any more info kindly keep in touch my email id :

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    @Ashutosh Jha,
    thanx a lot sir.

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    actually same must be the situation for all. they have not given info properly on their website.

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    I thought I am the only one in this situation :p. Btw howz your preparation goin on ?

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