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    Query for getting records older than 10 days from currentdate


    I need to get records which are more than or equal to 10 days older from a table.

    How to use the date function to retrieve the records.

    Please give suggestions

    with regards,
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    Hello Shyam Kumar,

    I am confused about your requirement.
    What do you want exactly?

    select * from tableName where DateColumn < GETDATE() and DateColumn > getdate()-10

    it retrive all data between today date and 10 days older than today.
    I hope you get my point, if it is not as you want than i'll get back to you.

    Nirav Prabtani (Senior Web Developer)
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    Hello Shyam,

    Please try the below query to get the records from sql server database where the records are older than 10 from today's date.

    select * from [table_name] where [DateColumn_name] > DATEADD(DAY,-10,getdate())

    Here DateColumn_name is the column name which is of type date.

    DATEADD is sqlserver built-in function which is going to Add the -10 days(DAY)(second parameter) to today's date(getdate()).

    Miss. Jain
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    If you want to know the 10 days before data then simply use dateadd function as Priya said using that you can achieve your goal refer below sample.

    Select * from tablename where col >= dateadd(d,-10,getdate());

    Hope this will help you to resolve your problem.

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    To select the data which are 10 days older, you can set the range of the dates as like below-

    select * from tblname where col1 < GETDATE() and DateColcol1umn > getdate()-10

    Ashutosh Jha

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    Simply use the get date method as

    SELECT * from TabName

    WHERE DateColumn > dateadd(d,-10,getdate());

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
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    Add this in to you WHERE clause:

    SELECT * FROM [Table Name]
    WHERE [Your Date Column] < DATEADD(day, -@NoOfDays, GETDATE())

    If your [Date Column] contains time stamp, Use below sql script

    SELECT * FROM [Table Name]
    WHERE [Your Date Column] < DateAdd(Day, DateDiff(Day, 0, GetDate()) - @NoOfDays, 0)

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