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    About MKCL's Stage-2 test

    Hello to all,
    I have just passed M.K.C.L. Pune online test for post of software developer.
    There is next exam viz. HANDS ON TEST and Interview.
    Exam Time: 1 Hours
    Details are still not provided by them.

    If Any one have faced such exam,please share your experience with us in detail.
    It will be very useful for candidates like me in future.

    Thank You in advance.
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    Nature of Written Test: It is an online test. It will consist of multiple choice objective type questions.
    Medium: English
    Number of sections:2
    Section I: Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude Test 30 Questions, each question carrying 1 mark
    Section II: Technical Test (Software Development)70 Questions, each question carrying 1 mark
    Duration: Two hours for Section I and II together
    Total Marks: 100
    Minimum Marks for Passing in each section: 50%

    for more detail see this website.

    Nirav Prabtani (Senior Web Developer)
    Email :
    blog :

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    Hi Amol,

    Below is the detail of the test-
    Organization-Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited
    Eligibility Criteria-Fresh engineers newly done BE B.Tech examinations in Computer Engineering / IT / E&TC, MCA / MSc Computer Science/ MCS from recognized University with good learned environment, logical and interpersonal intelligences, good linguistic. Aspirants should maintain safe foundations in computing and mastery up commodity familiarized analysis, design and programming. palms on ability in C. C++. JAVA, JSP. Spring and Mobile Technology/ computer hardware, operating systems and networking concepts with troubleshooting skills will be necessary.
    Test- there will be an online test of 2 section-
    Aptitude and

    For more details, visit their site.

    Ashutosh Jha

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    When we say 'HANDS ON TEST' it means you will be provided with one machine and .net environment and they will assign you some exercise and you need to complete it with in time.
    Now in the GridView column definition for column data give 'DataField=colname' and for 'SortExpression' give sql column name, Notice that the DataField is different from the SortExpression
    I think following link will clear your doubts

    Editor, DotNetSpider MVM
    Microsoft MVP 2014 [ASP.NET/IIS]

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    See my below question paper which I have given at MKCL in 2013.I think it will be helpful to all of us in future...

    MKCL Question Paper(100 Mark 1 Hour)

    1)Take class card. Define greeting () method in it. Take three child class namely valentine, holiday and birthday. Card valentine shows 'Happy Valentine Day' message. Card Holiday shows 'Seasonal greetings' message. Card birthday shows 'Happy birthday' message. Create object of each child class. Call method greeting() by each object of child class .(50 Marks-using c++ / .Net / Java)

    2)Take name and birth date of person and produce current age of person. You must produce in following format.e.g. Mr.Karan , you were born 17 Sep 1984 on Monday and your current age is 27 Year 11 Month 3 Days on today. Design attractive page. (25 mark – using html)


    Sr.No. Name Expiry Date Price Status
    1 Crosin 1 July 2013 10 Sale
    2 Morphin 12 Aug 2015 13 Not Sale
    3 Anasin 30May 2014 23 Not Sale
    4 Crossin 1 July 2013 10 Not Sale

    Write number of list from above table who status is not sold. Write list of expiry date and sum of all prices with sr. num, name, and more… (25 mark-SQL Query).

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    Very Very Thanks To All,
    I am going through your suggestions.
    This time they given syllabus for HANDS ON Test Stage-2 as follows..

    Hands on Test Details:-
    Nature of Test: It is a practical test to be performed on computer
    Medium: English
    Duration: One Hour
    Total Marks: 100
    Syllabus for Hands on Test: The test will contain questions which require understanding and use of the following concepts or skills:-
    Object Oriented Programming Concepts :Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Method Overloading/Overriding, Interfaces & Abstract Class, Dynamic Binding, Message Passing
    § Reference: 1. C++ How to Program, Dietel 2. Let Us C++, Kanetkar
    Data-Structure :Recursion, Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Search Trees, Sorting and Searching algorithms
    § Reference: Data Structure Through C++, Kanetkar 2. Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Michael T. Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia, David M. Mount
    Programming in C/C++ :Datatypes, Blocks/Statements, Functions, Expressions & Operators, Loops, Conditions, Classes & Objects, Constructors/Destructors
    § Reference: 1. C++ How to Program, Dietel, 2. Let Us C++, Kanetkar
    Database Concepts and SQL Concepts : Normalization, Tables, Datatypes, Relationships, Joins, Views, Procedures, Triggers, Indexing, Transactions, DDL & DML SQL Queries
    § Reference: SQL: The Complete Reference, James Groff
    Web Concepts : HTML basics(link, list, tables, frames, forms, form elements), CSS, HTTP (GET/POST, Request/Response, Session, Redirection, Headers, Caching), General Networking Concept (Network layers, IP, DNS, TCP/IP), JavaScript
    § Reference:1 Beginning Web Programming with HTML XHTML, and CSS Jon Duckett
    Spring MVC and Android Development : Spring DI, Spring MVC, View, Controller, Model.
    § Reference:
    Development of Android Native applications
    General Awareness of operating system concepts, new trends, etc : SOA, Web Services, Dynamic languages, Operating system concepts, New trends, etc.

    So my question is how to study for all these syllabus for hands on test and solve within given time.

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    Some member gone through this exam, so they have
    is every year syllabus and question pattern remains same??

    posted some guidelines with respect to syllabus provided for them last year...

    Please Refer following link for details...

    i cant contact respective person so i am refering their link.

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    can anyone tell me something about h/w networking hands on test? what they will be asking? platform?
    it will be so helpful. test is on 19th sept 2014

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    Hi Nupoor ,
    Is the syllabus for HANDS ON TEST is same as 1st Stage??

    It may be kind of simulation test on H/W Networking devices...

    Just go through online tutorials for the same

    If anyone from your friends is appearing for Software Trainee post plz do share their contacts as i have some information for the same.
    It will be helpful for them and me too.

    Best Regards,
    Amol Shelar
    (+91 8149070101)

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    Does anyone knows how to do hands on practice for
    SQL server and HTML, javascript, CSS??

    If anyone has topics or Programs to be practiced for the same, Please do share..

    waiting for responses.
    Thanks in advance

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    hi i also got selected for stage 2 software trainee.. if you know any information please tell me.

    Toufiq Zari

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    hi Dinesh Kudale, thanxx dude for giving an idea about hands on test.i wish to know about number of vacancies per year for software trainees.
    AND if u reached to interviews last yr, can you pls tell about type of questions asked there??

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    hi to all.

    deepak and amol you both have exam on 16 sep.. Wish u all the best.

    My exam is on 18 sep, so please tell me your experience in test and interview. And overall process of mkcl and tell me programs also which you will solve in test...

    once again all the best guys.


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    Hi amol try to solve queries for sql.. and do validation for javascript. email validation. mble no validation. date validation. only alphabet. etc etc

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    Please send mkcl software development tranire engineer stage 2 question pepers

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    plz share the question of hands on test of mkcl..if possible plz let me know i will call u then.....plz....

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