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    How to solve this query

    hello sir last time i attempted interview and they told me one query
    1) i have one dll file in this dll file i write a query that dispaly all post using this dll file query i have t saw only that data which in current year on the aspx page so can u pls tell me how can i solved..and they dont give me the permission to write anything in dll file
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    first of all write a method to invoke the method of the dll file which returns the data. Then once you get the data from this dll file, filter the records based on the year and then assign this filtered data to a gridview or any other data bound control and display it in .aspx page.
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    Hi Bhavik,

    Without writing any part of code then how can you get the custom data.? You just prepare methods for the same for getting result. If they don't want to create a any methods then your question is not clear on here. Try to implement the question.

    Hope you understood...

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    Get all the result in a List or collection and create a Linq to get the data for current year.

    Query will be like below.

    var a From CollectionObj where CollectionObj.Year(2014)

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    you get data in custom format so you have to add only filter on that data.
    e.g. if data return in datatable
    then datatable have select()
    or you can use dataview to filter and sort data

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