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    Sql Function Convert mpney format to word format

    Are you looking for the method to convert number to word format using SQL? Read this thread to know the sql query to convert number to word.

    Hi, Using sql function how to convert number format to word format.
    For Example. : 123456.86
    My Ans is : One lakes Twenty three thousand fore hundred fifty six Rupees . Eight Six Pisa
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    There is no such function exist in SQL which will convert it to Words You can try creating your own.

    You can create your own by reading this

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    You can either do this conversion in SQL or from your front end. I would suggest you to do this conversion from your front end using JavaScript as the library for the number to word format is available.
    If you are still interested in SQL function then please refer:

    Asheej T K

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