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    How get all the from table data for a particular month

    i have sale table with a date field

    i have a drodownbox which contain month if i select any month then

    i want to write a query which display all the record of particular month.

    thank u
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    You can use following:

    If you just want to use month then you can use

    Select * from tablename where DATENAME(MM, TransDateTime) = 'May'

    If you want to use both month and year then you can use

    Select * from tablename where SUBSTRING(CONVERT(VARCHAR(11), TransDateTime, 113), 4, 8) = 'May 2014'

    Here TransDateTime is the column storing date and time.

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    Hi Guddu

    Please try with below query

    select * from table_name where Datename(m,column_name)='may'

    Hope it will be help you.

    Sudeep Bhawsar

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    following simple query will resolve your issue

    select * from Table_Name where
    YEAR(date_column)=YEAR(getdate()) AND MONTH(date_column)=MONTH(getdate())

    you need to enter name of date column instead of 'date_column'
    hope it helps

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    Pass the value as a parameter to the Query fro example

    Select * from tablename
    where DATENAME(MM, DateColumn) = 'January'

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
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    Let's assume you have a table named things that looks something like this:

    id happend_at
    -- ----------------
    1 2009-01-01 12:08
    2 2009-02-01 12:00
    3 2009-01-12 09:40
    4 2009-01-29 17:55
    And let's say you want to execute to find all the records that have a happened_at during the month 2009/01 (January 2009). The SQL query would be:

    SELECT id FROM things
    WHERE MONTH(happened_at) = 1 AND YEAR(happened_at) = 2009
    Which would return:


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    If you want to filter data based on your selection then filter it based on your need.

    In your case you need to filter based on month column then refer below sample code

    select * from tablename
    where datename(col)='yourmonthname'

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    You should compare dateColumn's month name and dropdown selected month name like that

    select * from sale where datename(MONTH,dateColumn)='"+convert.ToString(ddlMonth.SelectedValue)+"';

    Suppose current month is september than this query will gives all records from september.
    In this way you can get month records which is selected in dropdown,
    I hope you will get your solution from this, if still you have an issue than i'll get back to you.

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