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    How to fetch a single value from multivalue attribute in sql

    I have one table called student.Table has 4 column.

    Student : Table

    Id Name RollNo SubjectCode
    1 Rani B0101 1,3,5,7,12
    2 Samidha B0102 1,2,4,6,12

    I want to find out name of student whose has subjectcode 2.


    select name from student where charindex('2',subjectcode) > 0
    But problem occure when subjectcode contain 12.Because 12 contain 2.How to solve it?
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    You may try like this

    Create table student(id int,name nvarchar(250),rollno nvarchar(250),Subjectcode nvarchar(250))

    Insert into student values (1,'Rani','B0101','1,3,5,7,12')
    Insert into student values (2,'Samidha','B0102','1,2,3,6,12')

    SELECT * FROM student WHERE charindex(',2,',subjectcode) >0

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    If you use the comma like this method..
    I think its will help u.

    select name from student where charindex(',2,',subjectcode) > 0

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    Thanks G.Renganathan and Arulmurugan for ur help.
    I have just given u 2 entry.Subjectcode can be 2 only or 2,3,4.

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    try below code :

    declare @chartext as varchar(10)
    set @chartext='6' -- put the character which you want to search
    SELECT * FROM student WHERE charindex(@chartext+',',subjectcode) >0 or charindex(@chartext+',',subjectcode)=1 or charindex(','+@chartext,subjectcode)=(len(subjectcode)- (CHARINDEX(',',REVERSE(subjectcode))-1))

    If it helps you then Rate this.

    Best Regards,
    Manoranjan Sahoo

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    Hi Pinky,

    Try this below query it will works on all conditions!

    CREATE TABLE StudentTable(ID INT,NAME VARCHAR(50),RollNo VARCHAR(50),SubjectCode VARCHAR(50))

    INSERT INTO StudentTable SELECT 1,'Raja','A1','1,2,3,4'
    INSERT INTO StudentTable SELECT 2,'Roja','B1','2,4,5,6'
    INSERT INTO StudentTable SELECT 3,'Rani','C1','1,2'
    INSERT INTO StudentTable SELECT 4,'Samidha','D1','11,12,13,14'
    INSERT INTO StudentTable SELECT 5,'Pooja','E1','2'

    Declare @A VARCHAR(50)
    Set @A=2

    SELECT * FROM StudentTable WHERE SubjectCode LIKE '%'+CONVERT(VARCHAR(50),','+@A)+
    OR (SubjectCode LIKE CONVERT(VARCHAR(50),@A+',')+'%') or (SubjectCode = CONVERT(VARCHAR(50),@A))

    Hope it will helps you! If means mark this post..


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    You can try the Query as below

    SELECT * FROM student WHERE
    subjectcode like '%,2,%'

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    Thanks sri,for ur reply it really helped me.But it fails when SubjectCode is '5,22'

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