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    How to update column data

    Are you trying to update single column of your database table but confuse how to do? Read this thread and get detailed information.

    How to update a single column data while doing updation?
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    Hi Namrata,

    Update Your_table_Name Set Your_Column_Name='' where Your_Column_Name=''


    Update Employee Set Name='Charles' where id=1001


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    Thanx Sir

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    Hi Namrata,

    Try something like below to achieve your goal.

    update table_name set col1='hello'
    where conditions

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    Hi Namratha,
    This is one of the basic commands of SQL.

    First try to go through the basics of SQL statements and try few examples searching them on google.

    Any way the solution provided by the above members are apt.

    Here is one of the best links for the starters to learn SQL:

    Hope it helps you and best of luck

    Thanks & Regards,
    Software Engineer.

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    You can use this statement to update column data in SQL Server
    With Cte As (select Row_number() Over(partition By Col1 Order By Col1 Asc)as Row ,col1 From Tablename)
    Update Cte Set Col1=a.col1 From Table2 A Where Cte.row=a.col1;

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    Using update query you can update the specific column values with the help of primary key value.

    You can try the following code.

    SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Data Source=datasourcename;Initial Catalog=databasename; user id=username; password=passwordvalue");
    SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand("update table set columname='"+columnvalue + "' where primarykeycolumnname='" + columnvalue + "'", con);
    int result = com.ExecuteNonQuery();
    //ExecuteNonquery will return either one or zero integer based on the query, if it is affected it will return one or else it will return zero
    return result;

    Hope it will be useful.

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    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

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    update test set productame='fdfd' where productid=10001

    hope this i will help...

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