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    Multi Level Referral Commission in dotnetspider

    We recently introduced Multi Level Commission [MLC] system in our DNS.

    You are aware that you can introduce people as your referral members and get referral bonus when they join DNS. As they up in their membership level, you will get additional referral bonus, which goes from Rs 1 to Rs 750 per referral, depending on the member level your referral member reaches.

    The new Multi Level Commission is in addition to the Referral Bonus.

    When your referred member receives cash payments from us within the first one year of joining this site, you will be given 20% commission of the amount earned by your referral member. (First level commission)

    If you referral member refer more members and if they become eligible for payments during their first year, you will get 10% referral commission from each of them. (Second level commission)

    If you introduce 20 members and they in turn introduce 20 each, you have a total of 20 + 400 members, working hard to earn money for you!

    The commission crediting is automatic. When we announce payments to anyone, the commission also will be credited automatically.

    This is a very big change we are introducing to our referral system and will be a great opportunity for our members to simply use their referral links in social media and other channels to bring people to this site and earn commission when they receive payments.

    Get your referral link from here and start sharing it in your social media pages. Also, you can share it offline to your friends and ask them to join DNS using that link.

    Invite your friends..
    Guide them to make money and get your commission...
    Encourage your referral members to bring more members and guide each of them to make money for them and for you....

    Do you know any of your friends are active contributors in other .NET communities? Bring them here and you can get a great amount as first level and second level referral commission.
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    Thanks for introduced New feature Multi Level Commission [MLC] system in our DNS.This type of announcement encourage members to growth the team with referral and build a commission tree .

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    Hai Tony,
    Thanks for the introducing the new feature in our website. It will give encourage the members to get their friends under their referral account and earn more money through referral bonus.
    Folks,introduce more and more of your friends and get them under you and earn more and more money.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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    Thanks Tony, for new announcement in DNS, this is really great opportuinity to introduce new members. Hope with in short span of time DNS is occupied first place in .NET Communities.
    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

    Blog :

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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks tony You are giving us an Opportunity to Earn with Your Great Ideas.

    A Problem always Creates an Opportunity to Learn or Earn or Both at Once....That is dotnetspider


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    Hello webmater,
    Thanks for introducing new features in DNS.
    This will really help members to earn credit

    Go to your profile --> And select 'Referrals' tab --> your an see 'Your Referrals link' --> That you can copy and send it to your friend and invite them to join Dotnetspider and can earn this credit.

    Editor, DotNetSpider MVM
    Microsoft MVP 2014 [ASP.NET/IIS]

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    Thanks for sharing and introducing this Module in Referral system. It seems like marketing Policy of selling companies. It memorizes me of DEOSOFT (A company that introduces this kind of model in my town when I was kid and they call it as "Big Banyan Tree").

    Members, get Referral Link from your Profile and get started. You can also share any of resource to Social Network and it will automatically include your reference. You need not to do any extra practice there.

    All the Best.

    Glad to be,
    John Bhatt
    Editor - DNS Forums

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    Thanks Tony for Multi Level Referral Commission information. It gives us help others to earn and also we will receive commission for that earning.
    Senior Software Engineer,
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

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    for introduce this feature.


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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for introducing Multi Level Commission [MLC] system,
    this will help us a lot....

    Thank you....


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    Great announcement and wonderful idea...hope our existing members will bring lot of active members from other websites to earn more from DNS.

    Asheej T K

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    I am very glad to hear about this announcement. It is a very good step taken by DNS.
    Members can earn more money through this scheme.

    Best regards,
    Prachi Kulkarni.

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    Thanks Tony for Multi Level Referral Commission information. It gives us help others to earn and also we will receive commission for that earning.


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    Hi Tony,
    Multi Level Referral Commission in dotnetspider encourages us to perform better and better day by day.
    .Net spider always motivates members by introducing such good announcements.

    -Sarang Singnapurkar.

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    This is really encouraging as it will enhance quality posting of resource from every member. Good thinking webmaster.

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    Delete Attachment

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    Hope you got my point, if you still having issue then please put a break point and check line by line and notice that in which line it's throwing this error. This is easy to find the solution of this


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    Thanks for introducing this amazing announcement. It will help in joining other members.
    Saurabh Tyagi

    Rate As Answer, If you satisfied.

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    Hello Tony Sir,

    Multi Level Referral Commission in DNS encourages us to perform better.
    dotnetspider always motivates members by introducing such good announcements.

    Thanks a lot for this announcement.

    Nirav Lalan
    DNS Gold Member
    "Failure is the path of least persistence"

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