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    How Revenue Sharing Program works ?

    Are you looking for a information on Revenue Sharing Program in dotNetSpider ? want to know how it works ? then read this thread to know more about it


    This month i have earned some cash credits through DNS revenue sharing program. Thanks to DNS. I just want to know how this program works. Is it depends on the number of resources we posted in that particular month ? Will they consider forum questions and answers also ? What is the limit to redeem cash credits ?

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    That is based upon Resource and Forum Answer also. Based upon points WebMaster divide that amount to top20 people. Points means they consider total participation not only single section.

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    Revenue share is not only calculated based on the posted resource. It also considering your active participation in forum section also. But your resource points are help you to get triple your revenue share.

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    Basically revenue sharing program was started on Sept 2010. highly active members with quality contribution will be eligilbe for revenue sharing program.
    If you wnat to be member of it then you should post some good/quality resouce, should answer forum post.
    here is link that describe revenue share program briefly

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    Hello Randheer,

    Good to know that you are also winner of revenue sharing program.

    DotNetSpider earns some (Lots) money through AdSense and other Advertising Programs.

    And as being Community Website, Tony John has decided to share some money to its user also. There are two ways to earn revenue through website.

    Google Adsense Program: If you have Google Adsense Publisher Account, then link with DNS. Write quality resources and forum answer. Adsense Code will also be placed from Your Publisher ID on your content, you will get entire Credit from Google.

    Revenue Sharing Program: By using Adsense Partner Account and other various Adsense Publisher account, DNS makes money from Various Advertising Network. Then the some Part of Earning (12500 Rs Per month) is divided to All users. But as there are thousands members so it is good decision to Divide the sum among highly active Users in Community. This is calculated through Points Earned by user in Particular month.

    After reaching a minimal amount (Rs 1000), dot net spider management announces payment through Forum. You have to Fill a Voucher and Mention Payment Type, they will transfer amount in your Bank.

    All the Best.

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    Hai Ranadheer,
    First of all many congratulations of be in the part of the revenue sharing program of the DNS. It is the special program where if your name is in the top 20 contributor of the particular month, the revenue 12500 will be shared among the top 20 members in that particular month. The month counts from the 1st and ends up with the 30 or 31st.
    This contribution includes all the contribution of the month whether it is forum QnA, Resources, Jobs Post etc
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Thank you very much all for your information . Now i got a clear idea on revenue sharing program. I will contribute more in DNS. :-)


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    Hi John Batt,

    I have a adsense publisher account. Can i paste ad code in my posts(resources which i post in DNS)? is it allowed in DNS and as well as adsense ??


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    Hello Ranadheer,

    Nice to know that you are satisfied with Answer. No you need not to paste Ad Code Directly here. If you have approved adsense Account just follow below link.

    I am nut sure, this Link work for Silver Members also or not. Or just contribute some more in Forum and write some Good Articles also, just reach Gold Level in membership and then You can find a Textbox in above Page, that will ask you your Adsense Publisher ID and it will place ads automatically.

    All the Best.

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    John Bhatt
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    hi John Batt,

    That link is working for me. Thank you very much for your information.


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