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    How to find te unanswered questions in DNS?

    Hai All,
    How can we find the unanswered questions in the DNS website. There are couple of questions for which no answers are provided by any of the members due to the technical challenges, or lack of time to solve etc.
    These questions- if no one answers, they remains unanswered for forever as the time passes they gets behind in the queue.
    My suggestion is that if the question is unanswered, it should be available all the time and if it gets answered by at least one member this should be removed from the unanswered list queue.
    By this way, if any member/members gets free time to try it and can provide the solution, it will be better for the member who has posted the question.
    So as per my view, there should be a tab for Unanswered questions and there should be no restriction or the time limit to answer that question till it didn't get a single answer.
    Hope the members, editors, webmaster will think of it.
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    Yes, you are right I am agree with your thread. Unanswered question always available in forum section under unanswered tab.Some times important question are present in section. So members need to try solve or response this section

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    there is already a link to the unanswered questions in the tab "Forum"

    also this link is available in all sub-forums also

    this link is just above the message list.

    i hope you have seen this and what you are asking is new option other than this.


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    Hi Pawan,

    Already we have lots of menu in menu item. My point of view that reason only not add this unanswered option in menu.

    Alternatively we provide link in the forum section itself. If the forum question is unanswered then that question is available all the time in the unanswered section.

    You can easily filter Unanswered question in this way After Logged in Go to Forum section page and in between "form type" title and "Forum Super Stars:" the several links Please see there several links are available

    "My Questions", "My Answers", "Un Answered", "Archives"

    Click on the "Un Answered" to filter all unanswered questions.

    Your Hard work never fails

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    Hai Shine and Ravindran,
    Thanks for your prompt response. But my concern was that if it is available as a tab on top, then it can be easily findout and it should contains all the questions irrespective of categories. Also i think that the 'New Posts' link is not useful. Soin that place ifwe cn mke this link, it will be better.
    its just my suggestion.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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    i think "New Posts" is the most useful. i always use it to find the new posts when i login or to get new posts sometime after leaving the page open.

    otherwise it is very difficult to go through all messages in all forums to see which is the latest post/message

    all forums of any other sites have this new posts option.

    my suggestion don't remove "New posts" option.
    May be we can add the unanswered link to the tab.


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    if you Select the option of "Redirect to un answered questions" just below the Typing area. it will automatically redirect you to unanswered question..

    is there really a need to have it on the tab?

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    Hi Pawan,
    First of all thanks for the suggestions...

    As already mentioned above we have this option just above the forum posts. Also this can be used without any manual intervention by clicking the option "Redirect to un answered questions". I doubt we need one more options for the same feature.

    Asheej T K

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