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    How to pass values from page1 to page2 using querystring i need code explanation for the

    How to pass values from page1 to page2 using querystring

    i need code explanation for the above asap
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    Simply use In page 1


    in the second page, page load event read value as

    txtname.Text = Response.QueryString["name"].ToString();

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    Try like this.

    private void btnGO_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    Response.Redirect("page2name.aspx?Type=Event&EventID=" + txtID.text, false);

    For Type parameter, Event is the hardcode value.
    EventID is the second parameter and it gets value from a textbox.

    Second Page: page2name.aspx

    private void Page_Load(object sender,System.EventArgs e)
    if (Request.QueryString["Type"] != null)
    txtType.Text = Request.QueryString["Type"];
    if (Request.QueryString["EventID"] != null)
    txtEventID.Text = Request.QueryString[EventID];

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    QueryString is used to transfer values from one page to another.

    Main advantages of querystring are
    1. Simple to use
    2. No overload
    3. Suports all browsers


    1. It can transfer the value of maximum 255 characters.
    2. Visible to user so cannot used for sensitive data
    3. User can tamper the querystring with very less effert.

    //TO pass the query string use below code,

    //To get the query string value use below code,
    string QsValue= Request.QueryString["ID"].toString();

    Asheej T K

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    In Page1:

    Response.Redirect("Page2.aspx?address="+ txtAddress.Text);

    In Page2: In page load event call the address

    string strAddress = Request["address"].ToString();


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    As we know HTTP is state less protocol so the values entered by the user are not persist between postback. To save the values we need to use state managment technique like Server side and client side state managment technique.
    Query string is one of the statemanagment technique where send some values from one page to another with the help of browser URL/address bar.
    The basic syntax is
    1. default2.aspx - Pagename to redirect to
    2. variables list to be send to another page is separated by comma
    3. Question mark sign to be append after page name and variable list


    On Default2.aspx we can get nack this variables with the help of Request.Querystring
    check followng code snbippet

    if(Request.QueryString["name"] != mull)
    String szName = Request.QueryString["name"].toString();

    hope it helps

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