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    Dotnetspider Lay out change - Your opinion matters


    As you can clearly see we have changed our lay out today. We would like to see your feed back on this change to know you all are happy with this or we have to revert to the old lay out.

    If you have a minute then please vote for this poll. Also if you have any other suggestions about the lay out please write it below.
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    It will be comfortable if 'Active members' panel is just below the
    'My profile' panel.
    Today lot many times i sign in, as it is logout with in a short span of time.
    Is this also you changed or Only Layout?

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    On the right panel where we have Profile information, i would like to see the Active Members, My Points below that so that all the data will be on the same place. There are so many Ads in between and does not look in that way.

    Happy Coding

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    One thing more, this site is now more look like commercial site with so many ads. After question you have Ad then you have write your replay box you need to jump around to read the query again and again
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    New Layout is very good. It will take some time for us to adjust to the new layout pattern.

    Vijayalakshmi G M
    IT Professional Trainer

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    I am not happy with this new layout. It make me a little uneasy. I would say that please revert the site to its orignal layout..

    Thats was more easy and looks good.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    I too think so that previous one is better. Its better if you switch it to its original layout.
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    Hai Asheej,

    I don't think that the new layout is good and user friendly as compare to old one.

    Award and Gift section should be at the same place as the old so that it should be highlighted when anyone visits the website and get to know more about it.

    Now its difficult to see that the section (Awards and Gifts) is at the right and below which is not showing good impression for the new members or who are not the member and just came to the website.
    So if this section should be at the same place like in old layout.

    My profile and Active members panel should also be at the same place as Older layout so it will be easy to see the members who are online. Now the user has to scroll-down to see the members who are online which is again not the user friendly.

    Rest all the sections can be same as they are showing in this layout.

    Hope the webmaster and editors will also think about the changing the layout of the website.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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    Everything is loooking good, one thing I noticed is we are displaying the profile photo of users who are liking DNS, rather than displaying picture. If we display the user count we can save some space in right hand side layout and can reduce the scrollbar.

    All is well.
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    i dont like this new layout. i was happy with old layout and i am not feeling comfortable with new layout.

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    New layout is uneasy to navigate.

    Every time i have to scroll to right to access the features.

    To avoid scrolling, you can have the necessary option in the Left panel.

    Please mark this as Answer, if this helps

    Alwyn Duraisingh.M 
    << Database Administrator >>
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    Hi Asheej,

    Perfect layout you have selected.
    Also I am glad because it is same to my blog layout.
    Above members are nervous a little bit, but after some time they will be use to this change.

    Also it is good to remove online members option as a secrecy point of view.


    Muhammad Farooq
    (DNS Mentor)
    Visit My

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    Hi Webmaster !!

    We ware familiar with old one that is why we are feeling uneasy .But layout is good.I think it is uneasy with left handy.


    Rajesh Kumar Parbat

  • #643377
    Thanks for all the feedback. I have made some changes, including removal of some ad units, hiding the new Google+ and Facebook plugin from the bottom of the resources, rearranging the widgets on the rightbar etc.

    Let me know if you feel more comfortable now.

    One of the reasons to hide the leftbar is, to make our site more search engine friendly. Search engines look at the pages from top to bottom from an HTML perspective. When you look at the page, it will look like left, middle and right. But when search engines look at the source html, the left, middle and right comes in the sequential order. This means, search engines see the leftbar before the content. There is a big chance that the search engines may not fully cover the content and get distracted with scripts and links in the leftbar. So, our aim is to present the content first and that is what I am trying to achieve by removing leftbar.

    We still have a lot of stuff on the top menus that could distract search engines. In the coming few days, I would try to reduce the menu items and see if that helps.

    I am eager to hear your feedback.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    The new layout is perfect. Whatever was displayed on left bar earlier is now displayed on the right bar. So I do not think there would be any problem for the members to navigate the site. I feel that the 'Award & Gift' box with the photos of winners can be shifted to the top as suggested by Pawan Awasthi so that when ever members visit the site, they can see the winners.

    Anil Kumar Pandey and Sugandha,

    The layout is changed to make the site search engine friendly as explained by Tony. Please let us know whether you still feel uncomfortable now. I think once you start using it, you will not feel uncomfortable....

    Web Master

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    Yes new layout is good! but my point of view Previous one is better for me, Access too easy in previous layout
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    Old one is easy to use. Because we are familiar in that one only.

    I need one enhancement.

    Add MSBI(Microsoft Business Intelligence) with .NET Categories within Forum Types. It's useful for who is working with SSRS,SSIS,SSAS like me.


    Prabu Thangavelu
    Follow me:

  • #643762
    I feel uneasy with the new layout. The left panel which displayed the member details is now moved to right.
    The alignment looks distorted and i feel uneasy than the previous template.
    I like the previous one.

    Steadfast technology

  • #643859

    my point of view Previous one is better for me.


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    feel uncomfortable.. Is there any option to set personalized view?? need to focus on right side of the screen.. bit complicated.. feeling like sitting naked..
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    I shifted my siting position to 300px left..
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    New Layout is not so good.But i didn't find any much differences of old layout and new layout.
    One more thing this site is full of Ads.some times we are confusing.

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    I Think updations are always good.
    It's good and must take place if more required.


    Keep Exploring in the treasure of knowledge.
    Thanks and Regards
    Ramesh Deora

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