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    How to remove time from date getting data from data base and assign text box

    How to remove time from date
    getting data from data base and assign text box.

    I want assign date to my text box but failed fill without time
    how can i filter time
    from my date field in date field in database
    using data set.

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    You can use Split function with separator as ' ' space.

    String[] result = date.ToString().Split(' ');

    Textbox1.Text = result[0].ToString();

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    Himanshu Bhensdadia
    Microsoft Certified Professional(MCTS)

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    convert first date-time to date
    then assign to text box
    or you can fetch data from database like this

    select convert(varchar(10) , dt_field_name ,103)
    from table_name

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    Hi Madhu,

    There are 3 ways to remove the time which is getting from the database.

    1. While rereieving the date from the database, format the date in such a way so only the date part will come in the dataset and then you can assign it directly to the date textbox.

    2. The other way is that with out touching the database, you just split the date with time from the space character and get the first part.

    3. After getting the date with time as string, you can formt it at the fronend by converting it in to date and then convert it in to .toShortDate. it will get only the date without time.

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    you can use below code to get only date part :


    it will show following result :

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    Manoranjan Sahoo

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    Hi Madhu

    can you can the Date to textbox

    string dt=ds.Table[0].Row[0]["CreatedDate"].Tostring();


    In select Query

    select convert(varchar, getdate(), 103)


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    Thank you all
    its working


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