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    How to Unlock Forgotten Laptop Password

    "Help!!! How to recover my forgotten laptop password?" Situation is so urgent! Then search solutions online: laptop password reset, how to remove laptop login password? Carelessly, we forgot laptop password, then we now concentrate on how to unlock laptop password methods!
    How do I recover laptop password on Windows Vista?
    - Remove laptop Windows Vista password from Safe Mode
    A. When laptop starts, please press "F8" key.
    B. At the "Advanced Boot Options" windows, choose "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and then login Safe Mode with available administrator account.
    C. Input "net user", press "Enter" key and then all the accounts will be listed.
    D. Input "net user Lisa 012" (Lisa is the forgotten account name and the 012 is Lisa's related account password.), press "Enter" key to finish unlock laptop Vista password.
    E. Input "shutdown -r" and press "Enter" to restart laptop, then we can login "Lisa" account again.
    How to find laptop password for Windows 7
    - Bypass laptop Windows 7 password with built-in administrator account
    A. Power on laptop PC and press the key: F8.
    B. At the windows of Advanced Boot Options, opt for "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and confirm with key: Enter. Then PC starts Windows.
    C. Select "Administrator" account shown on the account screen, and then access the windows - Administrator: cmd.exe.
    D. Input command: net user Merry 123 and confirm with Enter. (Merry is the account required to reset password; 123 is the new password for account Merry).
    Please note that the administrator account will be useful only we had set it enable. (The default status is disable.)
    How can I Break password on laptop Windows XP
    - Get into Windows XP laptop by default Administrator account
    A. Press "F8" when laptop computer starts.
    B. At the "Advanced Boot Options" windows, choose "Safe Mode" with arrow key and confirm with Enter key, then PC accesses Safe Mode.
    C. Click "Administrator" on the Windows login screen.
    Please note that if we have set the Administrator password before, we need to input the changed password instead of leaving "Password" field blank.
    D. Start - Control Panel - User Accounts - Select the locked account and change password for it.
    E. Restart laptop and login with the account newly reset password.

    The above ways are referred to system with available account (default/built-in account or other accessible accounts with administrative privileges). While, if there is not other accounts to help us, how to reset laptop password?

    Unlock laptop password with Installation disk: if there is not important data for us, we can use it for password unlock.

    Laptop password bypass with password reset disk: we can use the disk only if we create the disk before lost password for the related account.

    DIY a laptop password reset disk now: It is the last but not the least solution on laptop password recovery!
    We need a CD/DVD/USB disk and an accessible computer to burn a .iso image file from Windows password recovery software! Take one of the most top-rated tools – Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery Corporation as example:
    A. Download Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery Corporation and burn its .iso image file into a CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive from an accessible laptop;
    B. Set PC with password locked to boot from burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive;
    C. Reset forgotten laptop Windows password to a new one with the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.

    Now, once we forgot laptop password, the last method will always make sure we reset password for laptop easily without IT expert knowledge.

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    Hi passwordreset ,

    It is not right place for such as post.You can submit this information in resources section so that many people can take advantage from this and also you can get more points and cash award from DNS.

    Post your article in below link.


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    check out this link

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    Dear passwordreset

    There are two passwords

    1)Bios Password which is required before windows boot
    2)Login Password (Upto windows XP in my knowledge) which is required before Loggin in.

    both passwords can easily be cracked/ unlocked.........

    Please tell which password you wanna crack the bios or login password.................



    Deepak Negi (Dn)
    PG-DAC, CDAC 2014(3rd Position at Noida Centre)
    M. Sc. (C.S.), B.C.A.
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    Hi passowrdreset,
    is this your question which you want to ask to the forum members or is it the information which you want to share to all of us?
    it seems that you want to share this information..if so then it should not under this section.
    there is a separate section specifically for the resources which anyone want to share, they can keep their resource in to the resources section so that it will be easy to track as well as it will also be traceable easily.
    This Forum section is mainly for the question answer kind of stuff where you can ask the questions related to the technologies...and the members can give the solution to them..
    So from the next time onwards, please send these entries in the Resources section instead of the Forum section.

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    Hi passwordreset all other DNS stars,

    I give you a great professional Windows password recovery tool.

    Burn the .iso image in a blank CD, that will work during the boot process and instantly reset/remove Administrator or other account passwords and Windows security settings that prevent you from logging in.

    It will reset lost Windows administrator and user passwords for you to log into Windows instantly without reinstalling the OS. It supports to reset passwords of all Windows versions, like Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2008, 2003 and 2000, etc.

    Download link here:

    More detail please see attached preview.


    Muhammad Farooq
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    @Mr. Farooq Sir, as far as xp is concerned there is just a command that resets the admin password at the login screen itself without installing any software...... Regards Dn
    Deepak Negi (Dn)
    PG-DAC, CDAC 2014(3rd Position at Noida Centre)
    M. Sc. (C.S.), B.C.A.
    ASP.NET with C# and MVC 4:: Version 4.5

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