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    .net support 63 languages

    .net support 63 languages
    9 languages are designed Microsoft
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    DotNet version 2.0 is able to support upto 40+ languages
    and DotNet version 3.5 can support upto 60+ languages

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    Hi Prabhakar,

    Was this a question or information to other members? Whatever it is please explain properly.

    Asheej T K

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    .Net 3.5 supports 60+ languages.

    But what is your question? please explain.

    If it helps you then Rate this.

    Best Regards,
    Manoranjan Sahoo

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    Any language which is having a compiler to convert its code to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code is supported by .Net. The common language runtime (CLR) which is the heart of the .Net Framework converts the MSIL to the native machine code using JIT (Just In Time) compiler. I have read that now most of the languages are trying to have the compiler for converting their code to MSIL and making it .net compatible. I do not have exact figures but yes ! 60+ languages can now work on .Net platform.
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    Hi Prabhakar,
    are you asking the question are providing the information to all of us? if it is the question then its ok in this forum else it should be under the resource section.
    If it is the question then it should be something like "how .net supports 63 languages?" then its better to ask like this way.
    Anyway why .net supports so many language adn its better to ask how it supports these many languages.
    interestingly, any language which can convert the .net code to the machine language will supoport the .net language. it means that language will become .net compatible language. so whatever the languages are supporting currently in the visula studio IDE as well the framework, these lanaguages have therei won compilars written for language to conver the .net code to the machine code.
    there are many advantage of having this flexibility like if the person is much familiar with the VB old technology, they can directly go to languga to develop their applciation using the .net.

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