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    IT Companies Submission Guidelines

    Dear Members,

    Members are requested to read the IT Companies Submission Guidelines before posting new entries in IT Companies section. It is found that many entries submitted contains copied description from other websites, or without any description about the Company. Please note that IT Companies Section is not a points making section.

    Please read and follow the guidelines for New IT Companies submissions, as under.

    1. Please write the full name of the Company in place of abbreviation/short form.
    For Example :- Do not write, or IKF Pvt. Ltd, write as I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.

    2. Always use first letter of Company Name and every sentence as Capital letter

    3. Do not use all upper case letters in title or description or address fields.

    4. Please try to fill the maximum fields, like
    - Company Web site
    - Job Posts URL
    - Certifications
    - Major Technologies
    - Primary Office details, City and contact Addresses, etc.

    5. Please write correct City name with proper spelling, always use first letter of City name as Capital letter and do not use all upper case letters in City field.

    6. Please write self written description about the company, it should be accurate information of the company. Description must be written in your own words, copied details will be rejected, even if it is taken from original employer website.

    7. Before posting new company or branch please try to search it in the search bar provided in IT Companies section then in the top right side Google search bar. Please search using first word of the title and use all sort of combination before posting new entry for avoiding duplications.

    If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to ask as a response below.
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    Hi Mrs. Nadheera V

    Nice and helpful Information for new DNS comers,

    Its help the members to avoid any mistakes to post this section.

    Also i like an appreciate your article My Google Adsense success story


    Muhammad Farooq
    (DNS Mentor)
    Visit My

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    It's very useful guidelines and All DNS members should follow these rules. Thank you for your information.
    Prabu Thangavelu
    Follow me:

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    Thank you Madam,

    This guidlines surely help all DNS members to post new companies perfectly.

    Abdul Sathar


    Abdul Sathar
    DNS Member

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    This is the common rule all members has to follow.
    I feel search option for IT companies should be more generic like googel search.
    Now if there is any spell mistake in company name search will consider it as a new compnay, I saw many duplicate companies like that.

    Asheej T K

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    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Nadheera,

    That was a good share. Hope each and every member follow up these guidelines while posting.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Deepika - Sr. Editor
    Webmaster, GujaratSpider
    "Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes"

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    Nice and helpful Information for new DNS comers.



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    Thanks Nadheera

    Its nice announcement. Thanks for you kind information.

    Keep your work as best way

    Heartly Regis,

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    The guidelines seems to be very informative.

    Thanks and regards


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    i am new to IT Companies Submission Guidelines...

    i understood your valuable points....

    i hope all other new comers too understand

    Your Hard work never fails

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    Can I add information for any company or only my company where I worked?

    Web Current affairs

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    Thanks for valuable information us...
    its helpfull to all..
    all site member visit and learn about IT Company Guidlines...

    Thank u,


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