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GreyBox in ASP.NET(how to call greybox window from ButtonClick)

Hi Friends,

I am using javasript Greybox in my project.

Its working fine if we use some hyperlink.

<a href="Page1.aspx" title="CAPTION" rel="gb_image[]">Click here to open Window</a>

But now i need to invoke this from Button Click, how can i call this greybox window from button click.

Also i have some code in the buttonClick event, like

index= Find some index through server side code
here i need to call the greybox window and pass index




Author: Ananta21 May 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

index u can pass through query string

Author: Wilson Varghese21 May 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Hi ananta,
u are correct, we can pass tat value as query string but how to call the greybox window from ButtonClick event?????



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