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    Forum guidelines

    Hello members,

    Please follow the guidelines in the forum. Since the forum is not strictly moderated on a daily basis, many of the violations may not be noticed until a period of time. But when we notice it, you may end of losing 100s of points for all your past posts that did not follow the guidelines strictly.

    If you come across posts from any members that are involved in large scale violation of guidelines and policies, please let the webmasters know and we will take appropriate steps to prevent such issues.

    1. Chat keywords
    Do not, in any circumstance, use chat keywords in your post questions or reply. This is strictly not acceptable. If chat keywords like 'u','r','y', 'pls' etc are found, editors are required to score negative points to the member. If the question contains such chat keywords then editors should delete the question. If it is an answer then editors are required to low score the answer.

    2. Proper question title
    Please use proper and descriptive titles to your questions. Titles like, 'Urgent need help', 'Please help me' will not help you get answer to your question. It will rather be skipped by most members, as they won't know what the actual question is. A proper post title will help your question reach more number of members and hence increases your chance of getting it answered.

    3. Avoid posting messages directly to members
    Do not post messages like 'To raghav...', 'Tony please help'. If you require to contact the member then send a message to the member directly, using the profile contact option. Message posted to members in forum cause more commotion then help. Such messages are deleted by the editors. Members are requested to not respond to such questions or at least make the member aware of the forum guidelines.

    4. Use proper category for questions
    Use the most relevant category to your question. We have ample of categories to help you get the question reach the specific experts. Not all members check all the questions in the forum. They choose the relevant category of their expertise. So, if you want them to solve your question faster, use the most relevant category.

    5. Stop reposting the same answer
    If someone has already posted the link or answer, please do not repeat the same. Many members just copy paste the answers given by other member. This is a strictly moderated forum. Such behaviour will lead to suspension of your account.

    6. Provide appropriate details
    The more details you provide, the more relevant answers you get. It is common sense. Providing the version, platform and the requirement in as much detail as possible will lead to better solutions proposed.

    7. Rate answers
    Consider this your duty to rate the answers you get for your question. Good, as well as bad. This will not only help the member gain confidence in his knowledge, but will also help him improvise his knowledge. An answer might not be what you are looking at, but it might not be wrong too. Just negative marking an answer won't help. You need to provide more detail to the member to help you get a solution. Instead of negative marking someone's answer, appreciate the effort of the member and provide more details to get your issue resolved. Some answers are outright rubbish and these should be down voted immediately.

    8. Avoid writing your name, 'with regards' etc below the forum posts and responses. Such footers must be defined at common footer section.

    9. Avoid posting links to other sites as part of your forum posts and responses. If it is really relevant to guide a member to another site, it may be excused, but you may not earn any points. It will not be allowed to make it a regular practice to post links to other sites.

    Members are expected to guide other members on forum posting guidelines. New members often are eager to start contributing. Let us help them in moving in the correct way. I hope all members will help DNS in doing this.

    These are small things, but they go a long way.

    If you are uncertain about anything, please do ask. Contact the webmasters and we will make sure you get a prompt reply to your questions. Every DNS member and the DNS management is always present to help all. Take advantage of it.

    Make this as an opportunity to improve your communication skill in addition to your technical skills. IT is really a global industry today. If you want to survive, you need to not only be well versed in technology, you also need to nurture your communication skills. DNS is providing you that very platform. Take it as a challenge to improvise yourself.

    I would like to make a point on certain sections in DNS which are truly valuable. The mentor section can be used to select a mentor to guide you more specifically. The newly introduced video section provides a revolutionary learning method. The merits of the project section are very obvious. The errors and solutions section does help a lot. All these tools, used effectively together, should definitely lead you closer to success.

    All the best.
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    Thanks AbirSamart
    Very usefull information...

    By Nathan
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    Hi , i hope we all follow these things

    1) so as you said rate answer along with give one option

    as Answerd and UnAnswerd icon so once the question is solved

    if it has been marked as Answerd. no one can Post answer again for the

    same thread/

    2) Look in to the My Message issue , that i already posted.


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    There can be multiple solutions and recommendations to a question. There is no point in locking the thread.

    The my messages issue is no way related to this post. As I have already informed you, we are looking into it.

    Kind regards,
    DNS Web-master, DNS MVM
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    I know that u already informed just i remembered because my message was read by someone.

    I am not saying to lock the Thread if we have the option of Answered and UnAnswerd , so Thread Owner make it whose post will be helpful - make it as Answerd.

    so other members not posting his answer for the same thread.


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    Thanks ABitSmart!!!!

    Thanks & Regards


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    Thanks for reminding the ethics to everyone... i hope all follows your instructions.

    It would be better if you can keep this post always on top...

    Asheej T K

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    Thanks ABitSmart!!!!

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    Thanks Julius for posting the information.
    Abhisek Panda
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    Thanks AbirSamart
    Very usefull information...


    Naveen Kumar.M

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    Yes it is necessary information

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    Useful and required information for all!
    Thank you

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    i'm happy, atleast from now, DNS understands the Quality in the resource and all.
    Please mark this as Answer, if this helps

    Alwyn Duraisingh.M 
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    Thanks for Information.


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    Thanks for sharing the Nice and informative knowledge with us. However it would be nice if you could mention a link related to same in your post.


    Thanks and Regards,
    Vikram Singh Saini


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    Very informative..
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    Thanks and Regards,
    Abhay Kumar Raut

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    Good advice and instruction thanks Abit
    Thanks & regards,
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    Very usefull information...

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    Useful information

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    It is useful and all the members needs to take care while answering.
    Ans. should not be duplicated.

    it does not make sensce..


    Thanks & Regards
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    Thanks ABitSmart for the useful information. I hope all will follow these instructions very carefully.

    Thanks & Regards
    Paritosh Mohapatra

    Thanks & Regards
    Paritosh Mohapatra
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    Thanks for the information!

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