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    Sql Parameter Like in where clause

    SELECT [Field1],[Field2],[Field3],[Field4] FROM [dbo].[TableName] WHERE [Field1] like '%'+@Field1Par+'%' ORDER BY Field1 DESC

    db.AddParameter("@Field1Par", SqlDbType.VarChar, tbName.Text);

    here my problem is...

    i want to search with the initial characters..

    i mean .. WHERE [Field1] like '%'+@Field1Par ORDER BY Field1 DESC.

    any help...
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    What you meant by "i want to search with the initial characters.. "

    SQL query will execute with the value you are passing.

    Are you looking for AutoComplete feature like when user enters "A" then all name should list which start with "A".

    Please explain it properly..

    Asheej T K

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    Yes Mr. Asheej...

    i am looking for autocomplete option.

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    You can use YUI or other autocomplet tools. Its easy and free one..
    You need to select all the fields only. dont need anything to do in Yahoo Util Interfase(YUI)

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    thanks for both Asheej T K & Shunmuganathan M.

    i got it.

    thanks Again.

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    select firstname from empregistration where firstname like 's'+'%'


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    sSqlQuery = "IF EXISTS(SELECT DomainID FROM Domains "
    + "WHERE URL LIKE '%'+ @URL +'%' AND DomainID<>@DomainID AND Status=1) "
    + "SELECT 1 "
    + "ELSE SELECT 0";

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    thanks guys :)

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