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    What is the difference b/w struct and object?

    what is the difference b/w struct and object?
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    Instance of Class is called object. An object is created in memory using keyword “new”.

    Class are Reference type and are stored on heap.
    class supports inheritance.
    Class is better choice for complex data structure.


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    •The main difference between both is in struc-prog the flow of program execution is based on the structure of the program written... but in oop the program basic entity is object.. object is created which help in execution of the program....

    •In Structured Language there is more dependency between the variables and the program like a chain...
    Where as OOPs it is even though dependent still it's modular.
    •Structured Language is commandline friendly OOPs is user(Developer) friendly.


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    Structured programming is a procedure oriented technique. It mainly emphasizes on the functions or methods rather than data.

    Object oriented technique is the newest approach of programming. In this technique emphasis is given mainly on data rather than functions or procedures.

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