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    Session i n webservice


    how to use session in webservice? and what all r the uses For that i Mentioned below Coding

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    try this

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    using System.Web.Services;

    public class Util: WebService {
    [ WebMethod(Description="Per session Hit Counter",EnableSession=true)]
    public int SessionHitCounter() {
    if (Session["HitCounter"] == null) {
    Session["HitCounter"] = 1;
    else {
    Session["HitCounter"] = ((int) Session["HitCounter"]) + 1;
    return ((int) Session["HitCounter"]);

    Rakesh Sharma, NEPL

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    Enabling Session Support on the Server
    By default, ASP.NET session support for each Web method is turned off. You must explicitly enable session support for each Web method that wants to use session state. This is done by adding the EnableSession property to the WebMethod attribute of your function. The code for a Web method with the EnableSession property set to true, and which accesses the HttpSessionState object, is shown below.

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    <WebMethod(EnableSession:=True)> _
    Public Function IncrementSessionCounterX() As Integer
    Dim counter As Integer
    If Context.Session("Counter") Is Nothing Then
    counter = 1
    counter = Context.Session("Counter") + 1
    End If
    Context.Session("Counter") = counter
    Return counter
    End Function

    As you might expect, if you enable session support for one Web method, that does not imply that it is enabled for another Web method. In fact, the Context.Session property will be null if EnableSession is not explicitly set to True for a particular Web method.

    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    check here,

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